Home automation allows you to program your thermostat and lights with the ability to control them remotely, offering revolutionary benefits in energy management.Remote home control 178895291 It is now possible to adjust the temperature of your house from your smart phone or turn on your porch light before you leave work using your tablet. These energy management advances benefit your wallet as well as your lifestyle.

Control Your Home From Anywhere

Home automation allows you to control your home when you are away using apps for your computer, smart phone or tablet. For example, a smart thermostat lets you lower the temperature when you leave on cold winter days and turn up the heat in time for your arrival. A high-quality smart thermostat even learns how long your furnace takes to reach your desired temperature, so your home reaches that temperature precisely when you program it to do so. Some models also control your central air, letting you enjoy air conditioning when you are home and program it to turn down when your house is empty. Smart lighting and automated door locks make it possible to lock up and turn off the lights even when you are not at home increasing security and convenience for your family.

Save Money on Energy Costs

The average American household spends over $1,300 on energy bills every year. Practicing energy management when you are not home saves money; the EPA estimates that a programmable thermostat alone reduces energy use by 20 to 30 percent. Start with simple strategies such as lowering the temperature while you are at work or asleep. Smart lighting helps you reduce your electricity bills and improve energy management by providing centralized control from any location, allowing you to dim all of the lights or turn them off when you are away.

Have Life the Way You Like It

200171288-001Program the lights for a bright welcome when you get home, or have the house cool when you return from summer vacation. The selection of automation-compatible appliances is growing, with coffee makers that brew while you’re still hitting snooze to fans that automatically turn on. If you have children, look for safety features, such as a smart thermostat with a lock-out pad that prevents unauthorized changes to your settings.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

Home automation lets you unlock doors for repairmen or guests and turn up the heat when kids come home early from school. These devices are also capable of helping you remember the duties of being a homeowner. For instance, the smart thermostat reminds you when to change the filters.

Advances in home automation help tailor your energy management to your schedule. Adjusting your thermostat or dimming the lights from your tablet makes lowering your energy bills straightforward and simple. The added control lets you customize your perfect environment and adapt to unexpected changes in your day.