med235045If you want to keep your home safe from intruders, protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide, and keep areas such as medicine cabinets and gun chests safe from children, it is time to invest in home security. A home security system provides many benefits, including safety services such as fire alarms and internal home monitoring. With a home security system, you have everything you need to keep you and your family safe.

Theft and Intrusion

When a home security system is present, a home has less than 1 percent chance of being broken into or robbed. Home security systems provide multiple features to deter thieves and intruders, including sensors that go off when glass is broken, deadbolt locks to thwart lock-pickers and video feeds to monitor your home from afar. Home security systems also let you remotely control your home’s external and internal lighting to make your home look inhabited even when you are away.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

A good fire alarm includes a sophisticated smoke and heat detector. This detector catches fires early, prevents false alarms and gives you an additional sense of security. Home security systems also include high-tech carbon monoxide detectors that use electrochemical sensing technology to detect the gas and warn your family if your home begins to fill with carbon monoxide. With these alarms, you are able to evacuate your family quickly before either fire or carbon monoxide becomes a serious threat.

Lock Security

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771If you have ever left your home and then wondered if you remembered to lock the doors, do not worry. A wireless home security system lets you check your locks remotely and arm them or disarm them as necessary. Likewise, if you have internal areas of your home you wish to keep locked, such as gun cabinets, a home security system’s lock security lets you know any time those locks are opened.

Home Automation

Remote home security systems allow you to control your thermostat from your smartphone, helping you save energy and fuel costs. Other home security automation features include internal video feeds to monitor pets, elderly relatives or children while you are away and real-time texts that let you know when family members come and go. Home automation features let you stay in charge of your home wherever you are using your smartphone, tablet or Internet-ready laptop.

Use a home security system to keep your family safe and manage your home no matter where you are. Let peace of mind sink in knowing that you are a few clicks away from complete home security.